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Welcome to the Wiki for PMD:CS, aka Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Callous Skies!

PMD:CS, is an mIRC-RP only D&D. Thus the content used in our game will not be brought anywhere other than here. If there is any content that was 'taken' from others it will be credited to respectfully.

This Wiki was requested by the players to manage information about locations, shops, characters, easier.

(No, you may not join unless WE ask YOU.)

Callous Skies

The setting of Callous Skies takes place ten years after the events of PMD: D/T/S, with some details changed. The first part of this story revolves around new pokemon arriving to Treasure Town and leading out new lives in the town.

Arc One

During the ten years, the world went under a strange 'state of peace', only to be disturbed by the eigth year, when a violent earthquake shook the entire continent. Ever since then, a new Mystery Dungeon has appeared, and strange new threats have been unleashed upon the land. Another occurence was the reopenning of a once destroyed civilization named Xyxx, but now as a Mystery dungeon, occupied by a mysterious and wicked group of outlaws who call themselves, The Seekers.

Latest activity

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