"G'day, mates."

A peppy lopunny with a love for the sea. He is quite fond of the group, yet seems a bit protective over the most recent arrival.


Coby is also a foreigner to this continent. He traveled across the sea by boat, by assistance of his father, to whom he cares about deeply. How long ago that was, and the current whereabouts of his father, are both currently the group. Coby speaks with a slightly thick accent at times, and is a very simple type of guy. Though he doesn't seem to like slackers or those who show off and brag. He loves the sea, and loves to sail. He may have inherited this from his father, whom Coby has mentioned, owned a large ship at one point and sailed across the entire sea. Coby also seems to have an interest in exploring and partaking in missions, he is definitely no stranger to combat, and has a powerful kick. His residence is not known either and most of the folks at Treasure Town, simply assume he stays at the inn.


While he acts a bit peppy and upbeat, Coby is actually a rather serious young man. He is an experienced explorer, although he can get confused easy, he is actually rather clever and intelligent. He likes easy ways out, and often feels he must protect others in danger. Even with this he is rather jolly at times and likes to drink and even gamble, quite sure he'll win. He has a bit of an ego, but when it comes to anything other than gambling, he can easily hide it.


Coby's Theme - 
11 Rosette Roso

(Music by Yoko Shimomura)