Elfaria, a bubbly yet timid, violet gardevior who has lost her memory.

What is known about her background...Edit

What is known so far is that she was once a member of tribe of gardevoir before one day her coloration changed radically. This marked her as, "the Bride of the Cataclysm." Legend states that if the effected gardevoir is not killed, a terrible calamity will be brought upon the land. It is likely that she fled in order to avoid being killed.

Before her exile, she was one the tribe's foremost hunters and dancers. She had been raised from a young age by Diamond and learned most of her skills from her. She had been betrothed to the tribe's young, but most skilled warrior, Achilles. It was the night before their wedding that the curse took hold.

Story so far...Edit

(Under construction.) Elfaria woke up in a cave near Treasure Town. She couldn't remember her name, or anything else about herself that wasn't already apparent. She eventually wandered into the crossroads and met with Maki, Coby, and Elizabeth. Coby, a lopunny, has offered to help her while she slowly attempts to recover her memory.

She shortly after her arrival, she helped the group with a mystery dungeon. On the trip back she realized that she had a strange fear of her own kind and hid whenever they were around.

The next morning, she met with Quil, a quilava who was also suffering from amnesia. Elfaria noticed the mark on his neck and for some reason had a flash of a memory that pointed her to the vinyl mines. With both Pan and Coby joining them, they headed out to investigate this lead. In the mines, they encounter the Grand Kecleon who seeks to take Quil which the group discovers is really Quintus, one of Grand Kecleon's charges. The group fled, but Grand Kecleon intercepted them by teleporting and started the process of awakening Quil's buried memories. The Black Knight, who had been with GK finally caught up and captured the group.

Days later, Elfaria woke up in a dank cell, scared out of her mind. Vyolon, the general assigned to guard her, taunts Elfaria about the fact that she bears the "Mark of Destruction", and about the fate of her friends who would likely be brainwashed and forced into Grand Kecleon's service. Eventually, Vyolon was soon replaced with Ares, who let Elfaria visit with Coby.

Abilities Edit