Karas is a country from across the ocean known for tea and having a somewhat rough history with other nations as well as inner turmoil. The nation has recently had a civil war, nicknamed the 'Weekend War', and many refugees have left while the political climate calms down. Seemingly most who come from this country come have a name that starts with 'Ma'.

Maki, a dewott, comes from this county


Karas was founded by many 'Mon who were able to use it's sutible soil and abundance of plants. Oddly, very few berries grow mainly items that cure or heal are teas, extracts, or similar. They also have a dialect of pokemon so far removed from common it is considered a language of it's own known as Karasi'e. Pokemon from Karas are known for being hardy and a touch serious. Their country is also known for not having a Guild system at the moment due to the political unrest and other issuse. However one is slowly being built up there overtime.


Karas has a lot of history that seems to stem from past internal conflicts. There are many legends about powerful pokemon and organizations.