Revera (more commonly known as Rev for short) is a lucario in PMD: Callous Skies. After abandoning her old life, she came to Treasure Town to start a new one.


Revera was born and raised in Aycha, a small village distant from Treasure Town. There, she grew up in a family of four, and was extremely close to her brother, Ampere. Childhood rivalry with her brother haunted Revera for years, and she grew to be intensely obstinate in her determination to compete with him. As they aged and matured, the relationship became friendlier.

Together, Revera and her brother worked by making sure goods shipped safely to and from Aycha, fending them off from wild pokemon and bandits. Despite all her experience and training, she made a mistake one day, and was nearly captured by a Pokemon gang. Ampere, at the cost of being captured himself, saved her. The guilt and intense ridicule from the residents of her home, as well as her family, made her decide to leave that life behind.


Due to how she grew up, Revera is extremely stubborn. She hates being wrong, and often denies it or makes up some kind of excuse if faced with unavoidable evidence to the contrary. Nothing upsets her more than people thinking she's weak or unequal in some way, and she is eager to compete to prove her superiority.

An astounding lack of social skills can easily be noticed. While she'll appreciate compliments about her strength or intelligence, and will quickly become upset at negative comments, she has difficulty noticing more subtle gestures or emotions - namely, friendship or fondness. Further, she can come off as blunt and crude, neither caring to change her tone to accomodate a given situation nor knowing how to do so even if she wanted.

She is protective of the few she has a sense of friendship with, and is quick to fight if someone troubles them.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Even though she is stubborn, competitve, and eager to fight, Revera is not actually particularly skilled in fighting. Overall, nature has gifted her with all-round average abilities and features, with only her inability to admit weakness or wrong to make up for it.

Taller than average for a lucario, she stands at 4'5". Muscle tone is visible, given her daily workout routines and history of training, traveling, and fighting, although she is still not much stronger than normal. Her hand and chest spikes are perfectly polished, and easily shimmer in light.